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2 kg pH Increaser. Twist & Dose



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(Soda Ash)  Used to increase pH in pool or spa water.

Essential for bather comfort.

Active constituent: 992 gm/kg sodium carbonate



  • Zodiac pH Up is prescribed by the TWIST middle yellow ring to increase pH level when it is below 7.2. Simply use purple colour-coded measuring jug and scoop supplied with TWIST & DOSE Pool Health kit to dose exact quantity of pH Up prescribed by the TWIST.
  • Rinse scoop and jug after each use.
  • Make sure the pump is on before dosing.
  • Dissolve dosage in a bucket of pool and apply the solution evenly around the edges of the pool. Run your pump for at least 2 hours following treatment.


Dosage Rate per 10,000 Litres (without TWIST & DOSE)

  • pH Less than 6.8 add 100 grams
  • pH 6.8-7.0 add 80 grams
  • pH 7.0-7.2 add 40 grams
  • pH 7.2-7.6 add 0 grams

Broadcast over entire swimming pool to achieve the desired level.

Allow pump to run 3 hours prior to re-testing
Dosage rates indicated are a guide only.  Please refer to the label on packaging for further instructions

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