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We keep a wide range of HIGH QUALITY hand over equipment including CPR signs, brushes, vacuum heads, scoops and pool hoses and filter sox. Images are for illustration purposes only and the actual product may differ slightly

Scroll down for these or click a link above for more accessories

Never know what your salt levels are??  Sick of going to the pool shop to get your water tested? Well now you can do it yourself with our new saltwater level test hydrometer. Just add water - no batteries required!! 

Here are some popular products available for 2015:
We also have now a range of remote controllers and air switches
The Twister - Power steering for pool cleaners!
Finding it difficult to clean debris out of your spa? Take a look at the amazing Spa Wand.
Can never find something to clean your cell in? Take a look at our new cell bath.
Check out our Lenny water diverters. Saving water has never been more important
Water-Wand cartridge filter cleaner. Reduce water wastage by 50%!
The Gripper. Multi purpose tool for removing lids, chlorinator cells,  pipe fittings etc...
Useful tools & adhesives for underwater repairs

Need an outdoor timer? Check out our eClock.
Also check at our new range of inflatable pool toys
Automatic Water Levellers. We have units to fit new or existing pools.
Magna Latch. The world's No 1 Child Safety Gate Latch.
Spa Accessories - Great range!
Links for all these plus more at the top of the page.

Or scroll down for CPR signs, hoses, brooms, scoops, cleaning kits, thermometers etc...

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    Super Pool Broom

    $27.27 ($19.14 )

  • SKU
    Wall Whale

    $27.27 ($19.14 )

  • SKU
    Leaf Scoop

    $16.36 ($11.48 )

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Pool Ladders & Hand Rails

Water Wand

Lenny Water Diverter

Pool and Spa Vac

Remote Controllers & Air Switches

Pressure Cleaner Timer Control


Filter Sox

Hose Swivel

Cell Bath

Personal Pool Exerciser

  • SKU
    Swim Trainer

    $30.00 ($21.06 )

Useful tools, Cleaners, Adhesives & Lubricants

  • SKU
    Cap spanner

    $7.27 ($5.10 )

  • SKU
    Aeroflow Tap

    $10.91 ($7.66 )

  • SKU
    The Gripper

    $20.00 ($14.04 )

Gator Inline Leaf Skimmer

Autovac Hoses

Pressure Gauges

Waterproof playing cards

Pool Croc

Pool Toys


Automatic Water Leveller

Spa Accessories

Scum Bug

  • SKU
    Scum Bug

    $13.64 ($9.57 )

Magna Latch

Unbreakable Drinkware

Depth Markers

  • SKU
    Depth Markers

    $8.64 ($6.06 )

Floating Candles

Twister - Power Steering for Pool Cleaners


Inline Strainer

Heat Pump / Gas Heater Controller


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