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Aqualink Tri & iAqualink

The iAquaLink™ , together with the Aqualink Tri, gives you exclusive access to the settings of your pool using any smart phone, tablet or web-connected device - anywhere, any time!

Aqualink Tri Controller

Zodiac iAquaLink™ Features
Limited Only by Imagination

You can be on holiday and adjust your chlorinator or filtration times if there is a change in the weather. Or you can be on your way home and turn on your spa and lights ready for you to come home and relax. iAquaLink™ has almost limitless possibilities to control any pool function.
Total Control

Simply open the iAquaLink™ app on your smart phone. Select the function you want and activate! With iAquaLink™ there are no barriers to the level of control you have over your pool. You can set schedules, turn on/off, control output levels, vary pump speeds*, remotely control any product that can be wired into your AquaLink system. It's your pool, your control, anywhere, anytime!
* available only with variable speed pumps

iAqualink controller

Your Pool in Your Pocket

iAquaLink™ is the pinnacle for anyone looking to have the very best in pool automation. Working on multiple user platforms such as iPhone/ Android. HTLM5 etc, iAquaLink™ is the easiest to install and use remote control available for pools anywhere in the world today.
Free Apps & Future Proof

iAquaLink™ apps are available in both the iPhone and Android markets. Upgrades and improvements will be available to future proof the product.
The Low Down

iAquaLink™ works in conjunction with any AquaLink automation system and enables control through a smart phone App or web interface. Speak to Direct Pool Supplies about the best AquaLink system for your pool. Options are available to suit any pool configuration and any budget.

Why not give a test drive? Download the app to your smart phone by typing in " iAquaLink" to your App store browser. Once it is uploaded, you can login using details below and see by yourself the functionality of iAquaLink™.
Address: virtual
Password: virtual
If you already have an iAquaLink and wish to set up your user account or register your device please go to and ensure you select the country from the drop down box.

 Available  in Store only.... Accredited Installation Required.

Contact Direct Pool Supplies for more information today on this fantastic device.


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