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  1.  What are the tanks made of?  Bladder Tanks are made of a 1000GSM Flexible reinforced PVC tarpaulin.
  2.  How are they made ? Tanks have a 25mm over lap, heat and pressure seamed joint. Due to the joints and corners overlapping seams and the rectangular shape of the bag, water pressure is more evenly distributed, unlike the sock style of bladders where the water pressure is completely on the seam
  3. Are they algae resistant? Yes
  4. Are they UV stabilized? Yes
  5. Are they pressure tested? Yes - every bag is pressure tested before packing.
  6. Are they guaranteed not to leak? All bladders are tested before they leave the factory.
  7. Is there a Warranty?    3 year full replacement warranty on manufacturers fault. 
  8. Why choose our bladders over our competitors? Following investigation of the market place over the last 12 months, we believe we have  one of the best products in the market. We only use the best, a 1000gsm bag ( Australian market ranges from 200- 800), we have doubled the thickness at every outlet ( 2000gsm) with a double heat seam. With moulded stabilization rings on each corner, and a flexible PVC ( the Australian market has not been able to join Flexible PVC to date)
  9. Do they have to be installed on level ground? Yes - the ground will need to be level.
  10. Can they be connected back to toilets? Yes - your plumber can connect them to the toilet, washing machine, and to an outside tap for the garden or washing the car.
  11. Do they have council rebates for bladder tanks? Yes - check with your local council for rebates. 
  12. How much of the volume is usable? Approx 95% of the water in the bladder should be usable, (depending on installation).
  13. What sealant is best for sealing the joints? We recommend that when fitting the 90mm inlet at the top of the tank you add a non acid silicone to insure a complete seal.
  14. Where can I buy the fittings? You can buy these from your local plumbing or irrigation supplier.
  15. What do I use for a ground sheet? After the ground is cleared of all sharp objects, simply use a builders plastic or a weed matting.
  16. Can I install the tanks myself? Yes you can, but we do suggest you have a plumber install these for you and connect them to the downpipes and fit the overflow and first flush outlets, otherwise you may not be eligible for council rebates.
  17. Can we drink from the bladder tanks? NO, Like all tanks collecting water in a built up area, we do not recommend the drinking of any water collected from the roof.
  18. Do The Bladders comply with Australian standards? YES our Bladders comply with the AS/NZ


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