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Chloromatic MCS16CT (ECLSC16) Chlorinator

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This model is suitable for pools up to around 45,000 litres and delivers 16 grams of chlorine per hour. All the Chloromatic chlorinators have a time clock with a battery backup and come complete with a cell. This model has a 12 volt light transformer.

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A great feature on all the Chloromatic chlorinators is the chlorine controller. Unlike other makes where, when you turn the unit down, the chlorine production goes down, on the Chloromatics the unit still operates at 100%, however it will turn itself off for a period of time, then it will turn itself back on. (Just like a thermostat.) This on-off process is determined by where you set the chlorine controller. After some experimenting, you will know where to have the unit set for your size pool. By turning the cell off for periods of time will in fact extend the life of the cell considerably. 



  • Low maintenance, reverse polarity electrolytic cell for optimal convenience
  • Large surface area of cell plates for high rate chlorine production
  • Large, easy to read digital display and LED indicators
  • Made with corrosion resistant, UV stabilized materials for long service life
  • Winter Mode setting to reduce sanitiser output during the colder months, saves energy and protects equipment
  • High flow rate cell design for rapid pool turnover
  • Low salt, flow and overload indicators
  • Flow detector stops electrolysis if no flow is present, preventing dangerous gas build-up
  • Light transformer available (on some models)
  • Pump “cutout” protects the pump if no flow is detected

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