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Combo Packages SUPA Deals

Swimming pool equipment combo packages.... Direct Pool Supplies can offer our customers huge savings on pool equipment, with these pool equipment packages below...

FREE delivery Australia wide on all these combos...

Options available for Satwater chlorinators as well as an ECO Energy Saving Pool Pump upgrades.... select your options from the drop down lists if required.

Combo prices for a 1 HP pump & 100 Sq Ft filter start at $469.00! Wow , now that is great value!

ECO pump upgrades are available for all the packages... keep in mind how much power these pumps can save....
Variable speed pumps are the future... carbon emissions mean electricity companies are trying to get us all to use less power. The average swimming pool pump will cost the pool owner around $1100.00 per year in electricity costs.  Eco pumps can reduce the running costs considerably... typically down to around $200.00 per year, which is quite significant.

Chloromaster 20 & 30 amp SELF CLEANING salt chlorinators are Australian made and we offer a 3 year exchange warranty.


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