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Davey Sand Filters


cc_logo.jpgPremium media filters by Davey

Davey Sand Filters


The Crystal Clear range has been specifically designed for the efficient and hassle-free filtration of water in swimming pools & spa pools

GUARANTEE: 10 Years Tank
- 2 Years Valve
- 1 Year Other Components


  •  Premium quality 6-way multiport valve with integrated sight glass & oil filled pressure gauge for optimum filter control

  • One-piece UV stabilised and filament wound fibreglass & polyethylene inner tank for superior strength and long service life

  • Davey’s T-lateral design provides effective media utilisation leading to efficient filtration and longer durations between backwashing

  • In backwash mode, the T-lateral design provides superior fluidising of the media bed, giving fast, efficient backwashing and water savings

  • Robust, flexi-joint unions for easy installation and maintenance

    Davey Crystal Clear sand filters are ideal for:

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    Davey Fibreglass Sand Filter CCF21


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    Davey Fibreglass Sand Filter CCF25


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    Davey Fibreglass Sand Filter CCF2550


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    Davey Fibreglass Sand Filter CCF28


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