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Davey SpaPower 800 Spa Pool Controller

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A versatile controller capable of running a mix of single and two speed pumps, single & variable speed blowers and a selection of Davey spa light systems (including chain lights). All 800 controllers include 12v DC output and are capable of single and multiphase setup. The SP800 includes a multilingual touchpad display that is easily programmable into one of six common languages.

Popular with Spa pool manufacturers, the SP800 offers additional features over the SP601 model. 

  • The recently released SP800 multiphase unit can operate using single phase (220/240V) or three phase (380/415V) power sources - the only requirement is a modification of the factory set dip switch settings by a Davey authorised technician. 
  • The stylish LCD touchpad is multi-lingual and can be set to one of six common languages.
  • Available in 2.0kW and 3.0kW heater options
  • Able to run up to THREE spa booster pumps depending on available power supply and customer specific spa pool requirements. This can be a combination of the following:
    • Single speed pump and additional pump/blower OR one two speed pump
    • Single speed blower OR additional single speed pump
    • Variable speed blower
  • In addition to the above, a 24hr circulation pump and spa ozonator can be installed
  • Davey Spa Power single or variable coloured lights (x4) or Davey Spa's daisy chain lighting system (up to 60 individual LED's can be installed).
  • Separate 12V output
  • Oval LCD touchpad supplied as standard
  • Timeclock supplied as standard feature.
  • AMP plug connectors.
  • 50mm inlet & outlet fittings
  • Inbuilt temperature sensor
  • Full functionality from the touchpad including temperature & filtration programming and maintenance reminders etc. 
  • Pack includes control box, oval touchpad, standard overlay & user guide 
  • Download the instructions here

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