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Please note that on some heavier items there maybe an additional shipping fee. We will let you know via email if this is the case.

On overseas orders please note that there is no insurance on shipping for damaged or lost goods. For all warranty claims, the manufacturers will only cover this if the product is sent back to them in Australia. On some appliances, if it has been used in a country where the unit has not had correct approvals, warranty claims will be void.
All shipping charges will have to be paid for by the purchaser.

It is up to you, the customer, to make sure any product you purchase via this website is compliant for use within your country.

Throughout these listings, the use of product, trade names, or marks, is a descriptive guide only for the buyer, and in no way intends to infer or suggest that any of those described products are the original as produced by any other manufacturer.

Warranty on replacement cells will be void if there are signs of misuse, abuse, negligence, damage by foreign objects, damage during freight, acts of God, non-cleaning, low salt levels or signs of copper contamination. The warranty covers DOMESTIC USE ONLY. Warranty for 24 hour and commercial installations such as hotels, motels, caravan parks, health clubs, public pools etc is for 6 months only. The pro-rata side of the warranty is calculated on the full retail price of the cell, on a sliding scale from 12 months to 60 months. Don't forget that our cells are already heavily discounted, and sometimes it maybe the case that a pro-rata warranty cell is more expensive than our already discounted cell!

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