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Filter Enclosures

Direct Pool Supplies are now suppliers of Acoustic Filter Enclosures. Protect your valuable pool equipment from the elements, plus you will be able run your pump overnight, taking advantage of lower power rates, with these Australian made Acoustic Filter Enclosures. Available in various sizes & colours, your equipment is easily access through the hinged top or removal front panel.

Manufactured in high quality powdercoated steel that will blend into almost any outdoor application.

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Why enclose your pool equipment?

Noise Control
Relax and enjoy your pool and surrounds by reducing noise emissions substantially. Meets the requirement of most councils.
Save Costs
Take advantage of running your filtration equipment at off-peak intervals, reducing electricity costs.
Protects expensive pool filtration equipment from the damaging effects of UV sunlight, rain and dust. You will get years longer life!
Protects children and pets from the dangers of exposed pool equipment



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