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Gator Inline Leaf Skimmer

The GATOR INLINE POOL SKIMMER simply attaches to the suction pool cleaner hose and randomly moves around the pool surface, collecting surface debris before it sinks to the floor.

Simplicity: Easy to install and operate. Simply connects to the pool hose 2 to 3 segments from the Automatic Pool Cleaner

Aesthetics: Dispenses with unsightly and awkward debris bags. Debris is drawn straight through the skimmer valve and deposited directly into the leaf trap. Finer particles are deposited into the filter.

Maintenance: Simple sturdy design ensures minimal maintenance requirements.

Safety: Polyfoam floatation material acts as a safety cushion, and lightweight construction of the skimmer ensures the unit will simply move away when bumped.

Mobility: Gator Auto-Skim moves randomly around the pool surface and will not snag or hinder the APC as wall mounted skimmers are prone to do.

Efficiency: Due to the random movement of the Gator, it gets to cover a large area, including corners and sides. Gator Auto-Skim is not reliant on favourable water currents and wind direction.

Versatility: Gator Auto-Skim operates effectively at any water level, and in any type or shape of pool, I.e. in concrete, fibreglass and vinyl pools, above and below ground.

Compatibility: Gator Auto-Skim operates with virtually all suction type pool cleaners on the market

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