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Tips for maintaining your spa or hot tub:

Here are just a few key tips on using your hot tub that we see many people forget time after time. They will help keep your water clearer and save you some money as well!

Air Controls: Make sure that the Air Control Injection Valves are closed when you finish using your spa. These are the knobs on top of the spa that allow air to mix with the water coming out of your jets. Since these valves let cold air into the spa water, it will take much longer to heat up your spa if they remain open during the heating cycle.

Oils & Soaps: Try to avoid getting oil based or soap based products in your spa water. When cleaning your spa, avoid products like glass cleaners or car cleaners. These products contain soap or ammonia based degreasers and are very bad for your water chemistry. When using your spa, try to avoid products like hair spray, hair mousse, styling gels, deodorant, anti-perspiration sun tan lotion, excess sweat, skin creams of any sort ( ie, Jergens, Nivea, Soft Sense, arthritis creams ), or excess soap or dyes in bathing suits. Any of these products will seriously cloud up your water and clog your filter. Although inconvenient, try to have bathers shower before going into the spa.

Caps: Keep some baseball type caps near your spa so that people with long hair can tuck their hair up under the cap to keep it from getting into the spa water. This will keep a lot of hair spray and hair products from getting into the spa.

Scumballs: Make sure that you use "Scumballs" oil removing balls and/or an "Enzyme" based oil remover in your spa. These products drastically reduce the amount of oils that actually get sucked into the filter. Remember to squeeze out the Scumball after each spa use and to replace them when they start to deteriorate or when they no longer float They keep the water crystal clear and "fresh" smelling...even 2-3 months after filling.

Hot Tub Filters: Make sure your filter is seated properly in the filter compartment. This ensures 100% filtration of the water passing through the filter. Make sure that you replace the filter after 12 months of use. The fibers inside the cartridge start to degrade after a while and it won’t do an adequate job of sanitary filtration for much longer than about 12 months. It is a good idea to have two filters on hand for your spa. Use them on an alternating basis...switching between them every other week. Have one soaking in "Filter Cleaner" solution while the other one is being used in your spa. This procedure guarantees the most sanitary filtration. Adding a Nature2 spa stick will also help purification of the water.

Water Testing: Make sure that you test your spa water at least once per week. Make sure that the pH and ALKALINITY levels are within the proper ranges. This is MOST important. Either adjust the pH and Alkalinity manually each week. Also make sure that the dropper bottles in your test kit are fresh. They should be replaced every 12 months. They go bad after about a year and will give incorrect readings.

Bromine Tablets: Don't "cheap out" when it comes to adding Bromine Tablets to your spa! Make sure that there are always at least 4 - 6 tablets in your Bromine floater at all times (depending on how large your spa is). If you keep your pH and Alkalinity within the proper ranges, it is OK to keep your Bromine reading a little on the high side. This will prevent any bacteria growth and will keep your spa completely safe and sanitary.

Use These Tips: Using these tips will make the maintenance of your hot tub a lot easier! You'll ward off many problems before they start. Remember, hot tubs are supposed to be fun!


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