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Measure Your Pool

You will need the measurements of your pool as indicated on the diagram below.
Measure the WIDTH (A) and the LENGTH (B) of your pool at water level in meters (eg 1.5 meters = 150 cm)

Write down these measurements and now you can order here:
If the pool is not square, then you may have to form a rectangle around the pool with a length of string (rope, cord or even your garden hose) to give you your maximum water level length and width. We will include extra material to allow for an upturn and shrinkage, so the exact water level measurement is all that is required.

Step Areas
If you have any step areas, then measure the step area separately as set out below, so we can manufacture the pool blanket in one piece.

You will need to know the step width (A1) and step length (B1) - in metres (eg 1.00 metres, 1.25 metres etc). You will also need to enter whether, when standing at the step end of the pool, the step area is on your left (LHS) or right hand side (RHS).

If your pool has a step area, it's best to draw us a diagram and fax it to us on 02 49109 086, so we can work out the correct price for you.

If your pool is a Roman Style, with steps at one or both ends, you will simply measure the total length of the pool including any steps, plus the width. With a Roman Style pool you will NOT need to enter a step measurement in the following form as the total length of the pool will now include the step measurements.

Above Ground Pools
Solar Pool Blankets and rollers are suitable for above ground pools - to a maximum blanket size of 6.1 meters wide by 12 meters long.

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