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Shopping online is easy and fun

More importantly you can shop 24 hours a day. No need to rush out just on closing time. No need for waiting in long queues.

No parking problems. Just sit back and relax with a cuppa and do your shopping however and whenever you want!! Everything delivered to your door.

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From the categories on the left of the screen there will be sub-categories, e.g. if you click on spare parts, there will be sub-categories called pumps and chlorinators. Also if you then click on pumps you will be taken to things like pump baskets, seals etc. If you think you've found what your after, just add it to your shopping basket. You do this by clicking on the basket icon just above the price. Don't worry if you make a mistake here because just like a real shop you haven't actually bought the item until you go to the "check out". You can view what's in your basket anytime by clicking on the view cart button at the top of the screen. If you change your mind you can delete the item from your basket as well. (Of course there's no need to worry about putting the items back in the right place.)

When you're happy with your purchase click on checkout. This is where you will pay for your items and fill out your details.

How secure are my credit card details?

Very secure!   With Direct Pool Supplies all credit card details are encrypted. On all pages that ask for personal information, you will see a closed padlock symbol at the bottom of your screen. This lets you know the site you're on is secure.

So come on, sit back and relax and give it a go. If you are not sure of anything please email us on or phone freecall 1800 648 363.                    


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