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Liquid Pool Blanket


  • Want to reduce evaporation but don't want to use a pool blanket because you think it looks unslightly?
  • No room for a roller?
  • Do you have a free form pool that adding a blanket would be too difficult?

Aquatain is ideal for reducing evaporation from swimming pools!

Simply pour Aquatain on to the water and watch it spread across the surface!

For a standard domestic pool with an area of 30 square metres, an application of 25 ml twice weekly during summer will be sufficient.

Aquatain is available for pools in a special 500 ml bottle with a measuring chamber. The bottle should last for around 10 weeks when applied to a standard pool.

Using Your Pool

You can swim in your pool at any time. Aquatain is virtually invisible on the surface but, if it is overdosed, a matte film may appear for a short period. This will have no adverse effects.

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