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MASTER Chlorinators

These MASTER Salt & Mineral chlorinators have been designed from the ground up by Direct Pool Supplies. With more than forty years combined experience in the pool industry, we have come up with an extremely simple, yet state of the art Salt & Mineral chlorinators.

Salt and Mineral chlorinators
Both the ChloroMaster saltwater chlorinators & the MagnaMaster mineral chlorinators come in two sizes... 20 amp & 30 amp.

All units are SELF cleaning.                                            AUSTRALIAN made too!

20 amp models will cover all pools to around 60,000 litres.
30 amp models will cover pools over 60,000 litres.

We offer a THREE year EXCHANGE warranty. This means that if the unit fails within this 3 year period, we will arrange collection of your chlorinator & send you the exchange unit anywhere in Australia. 
We offer this exclusive service because we are that confident that these chlorinators will give you many years of trouble free operation even in the harshest areas of the country. 

The cell housing has been designed to retro fit many other chlorinators on the market, so fitting is really simple... it has similar hole centres to Zodiac Clearwater C series, Poolrite, AquaJoy, Saltmate & many others.

Designed for either 40mm or 50mm pipe sizes. 

Low salt or mineral warning lights.

Operates as low as 3000ppm.

FREE delivery Australia wide. EXCELLENT value. We have kept these chlorinators at rock bottom prices!

These chlorinators do NOT come with a time clock, however we have the weatherproof eClock as an option. Select this if required. The eClock has a battery backup and costs $130.00. From our experience, time clocks in chlorinators are the most common cause of failure plus many households do not require a clock fitted internally to chlorinators. This is why we have it as an add on option only... it helps keep the price down as well as adding reliability to the product.

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