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Onga Pantera 33" Sand Filter



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Pantera sand filters are made from UV stabilised polyethylene.

Manufactured in Australia,

The reputation for durability and performance makes the Pantera range first choice for quality pool builders.

Typical Applications:

  • The 33" is for  the largest in ground pools over 100,000 litres

Seamless filter body

This one piece roto-moulded design is the benchmark for stability, strength and durability. Black by design, not by choice, incorporating increased strength from naturally UV stabilised material.

Under-drain laterals

Designed to give you maximum performance, the water filters down through the entire bed of sand to give superior filtration for sparkling clear water.

Stainless steel filter clamp

Stainless steel provides high quality, strength and corrosion resistance.

Durable seals and gaskets

Ultra low maintenance requirements, coupled with the smooth operation of the multiport valve when rotating through its functions, gives you "as new" operation for years to come.

6 position multiport valve

The highest quality multiport valve gives total flexibility of operation including rinse cycle, ensuring clear filtration and a waste cycle to allow easy disposal of excess dirty water.

Barrel union pipe connection

Quick and easy connection and removal of pipe work.

Large in-line sight glass

Easily identifies the completion of the backwash cycle limiting the amount of water wastage.

Quality pressure gauge

Glycerine filled for longer gauge life.

Compatible with sand or Zelbrite

11 bags of sand or Zelbrite required

Zelbrite is an advanced filter media capable of filtering finer than sand for clearer, sparkling pool water.

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