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The OzoMatic ozone generator is an ideal addition to conventional pool and spa water treatment methods. OzoMatic uses advanced but simple technology to replicate Mother Nature’s own way of purifying our rivers, lakes and the air we breathe.

Two models available... MOG 60 for pools up to around 60,000L or the MOG 120 for pools over 60,000L

An Ozone Generator is to be used as a supplementary pool sanitiser only, using nature's ozone to improve the quality of your pool and reduce chemical usage. Your primary pool sanitising agent must provide a chlorine residual or 1.5 - 3ppm.

The following is a list of Ozone generators to add to your existing pool's system, plus there are some combo packs that include the Ozone Generators combined with the renowned reliability of the Chloromatic chlorinators.

More info on Ozone generators here...

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