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PAL 2000 Underwater Lights

PAL 2000 Underwater Lights for Pools & Spas

Unique Prismatic Light Distribution

• Compact Size 
• Fits Flush to Wall 
• Prismatic Light Distribution 
• Unique Side Light Feature
• Simple Installation 
• 24m Leads Available 

Spare parts available for the PAL2000 Halogen lights. Scroll down for details...



The PAL2000 LED Series Lights offer a unique light extraction system that will give you pleasant, even light distribution at all times.

Suitable for concrete and fibreglass pools and featuring the PAL2000 LED Colour Lock Light system, the Davey PAL2000 Series have been an industry favourite for many years, and when you install these lights, you will understand why.


The unique flush mounting installation method of the PAL 2000 eliminates unsightly and unsafe protrusions on the smooth interior surface of the pool, and the extra safe low wattage of the light coupled with the specially designed double insulated transformer allows a continuous lead – up to 24 meters, to be used without the need for unsightly junction boxes in the deck around the pool.  

The Globe

PAL 2000 Series 12V Xenon LED lights. 84mm Diameter. 10,000 Hour life.
Colour Change, White, Blue, Green, Red, Amber, Purple & Disco.


Also available is the Spa Electrics SE retro light that can replace the PAL2000.
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