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PAL Touch 2 Pack LED Light kit for Fibreglass Pool (Wi-Fi)

Price available by email only

The PAL Touch LED pool light for fibreglass swimming pools offers you a function that will impress – 

Wi-Fi enabled with FREE apps available for Apple & Android devices. 
You can turn the lights on & off, change the colour, all from your Smartphone! Also comes standard with a wireless remote control.

Kit includes 2 x LED lights for Fibreglass pool, 2 x Stainless Steel covers,, Wi Fi enabled driver (can be used up to 8 LED touch lights), transformer & remote control. 

FREE apps available for both Apple & Android. 

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PAL Touch Fibreglass pool light dimensions

NOTE:  It is possible for the PAL ColourTouch Light package and a Cascade Waterfall, to hook  up together.

It is not necessary to purchase a separate Cascade LED Light Control Box (KZD60) to use the LED light function.

The Waterfall has all the colour range that the PAL units provide. 

See below the wiring diagram that shows what coloured wires are used from the Davey Cascade Waterfall to hook into the PAL Receiver/Driver

PAL2000 LED pool light driver

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