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PAL Touch LED Pool Lights

NEW PAL Touch LED Pool lights

The PAL Touch LED light range for both concrete and fibreglass swimming pools offers you a function that will impress – 
Wi-Fi enabled with FREE apps available for Apple & Android devices.  
You can turn the lights on & off, change the colour, all from your Smartphone! Also comes standard with a wireless remote control.

No more flicking on or off switches, or the limits of locked in colours. With the unique PAL Touch remote control, you can run your finger around the colour wheel and choose the mood lights that suit the time.

Wi-Fi enabled LED pool light


 The PAL Touch range is suitable for most swimming pools and spas and will offer a unique blend of colour, features and control to your entertaining area. 

 Compact 90mm light face diameter.

 Kits come with 20m cable

 Stainless steel cover available

 The included LED driver is capable of running up to 8 LED Touch lights & comes complete with wireless remote control.

 Available kits come complete with 2 x LED lights, suitable for concrete or fibreglass pools, driver (Wi-Fi enabled), transformer, & wireless remote control.

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