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Phosphate Remover



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Prevents algae growth by removing phosphates (algae food)

Active Constituent: 315g/L RARE EARTH SALTS for 1L or 150 gm/L Lanthanum Chloride for 2.5L

Suitable for ALL filters

Ultra concentrate


Two sizes available - Please select

1L - $20.00
2.5L - $40.00

We highly recommend that a small amount of Ezy Natural Clarifier is added to the pool at the same time as the Phosphate Remover. The result of neutralizing phosphates in the pool can result in cloudy water. The Ezy Natural Clarifier will prevent cloudiness or where high phosphates are present clear the water quickly. 


A few facts about phosphates

How phosphate effects swimming pools:

  • Phosphates encourage algae growth all year round
  • Phosphates affect the efficiency of chlorine, salt chlorinators and all other sanitisers
  • Phosphates levels are higher today than ever before
  • Current drought conditions have seen a dramatic increase in phosphate levels across Australia
  • Removing phosphates will eliminate algae growth


Starver removes phosphates (Essential algae food)
Test your water regularly for phosphates
Algae can't re-grow without phosphates in the water
Removes phosphates for crystal clear water ALL year round
Vicious algae infestations will be a thing of the past
Easy to use
Relax and enjoy your algae free pool

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