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Pool Covers & Rollers

The most energy efficient device you can put on your pool is a pool blanket.

 A solar pool cover or blanket will raise the water temperature by up to 8º C. Converting your pool into a giant solar collector, absorbing maximum energy and temperature through the day and preventing heat loss as the outside temperature falls overnight. A solar pool cover will: 

  • Warm the water
  • Reduce heating costs
  • Keep pool cleaner
  • Swim longer
  • Reduce evaporation
  • Save chemicals

Please note at the top of the page are the links to take you to the solar cover prices and the rollers.  

How does a solar cover work? Click here for more info.



Our exclusive bubble technology eliminates weak points – and our supertoughened polyethylene material resists salt, sun and chemicals -  Ours is a stronger blanket that will last longer.


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Blanket & Roller Installation Videos: Click here.


For a fact sheet on evaporation please click here. You will be amazed on how much water you can lose through evaporation!





For spa foam covers please click here





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