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Pool Croc

The Pool Croc Pool and Spa Surface Skimmer is a revolutionary design in pool and spa surface skimmers. The Pool Croc has been designed with a multi-purpose adapter, which means that it can be easily attached to the outlet return of almost any pool or spa. The jet of water that is propelled through the Pool Croc creates a strong venturi current and draws all the surface debris into the Croc's mouth.

The head unit has been designed to accommodate longer leaves, like eucalyptus leaves, therefore reducing blockages. The finely woven mesh sock ensures that all surface debris including dust, leaves, insects and spiders are all caught before they sink to the bottom of the pool. A second mesh sized sock ensures spa surface debris like body oils, are also skimmed off the top. The Pool Croc's design means that it will fit nicely along the side of your pool or spa.

The Pool Croc can be used simultaneously with other automatic cleaners, enhancing their operation by collecting surface debris before it reaches the bottom of the pool as well as minimising the pumps workload. And because Pool Croc is a surface skimmer you won't have to worry about changing water levels hampering it's performance - you can sit back, relax and enjoy easy, no fuss pool maintenance all year round.

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