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Active Constituent: 60 g/L Copper (Cu) present as Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate.
POOL DROPS Plus Liquid Algicideare a concentrated long-term liquid algicide for outstanding performance in all pools, especially with alkaline surfaces.Simply add this advanced formulation directly to the pool water for a treatment period of an entire three months in an average 50,000 litre pool. POOL DROPS Plus eliminate all free floating, wall based and blackspot algae, saving substantial amounts of chlorine and expensive pool chemicals, they outperform other liquid algicides as they contain more than twice the active ingredient than most for long term results.

The key to the outstanding performance of POOL DROPS Plus over standard strength liquid algicides is the extended treatment period of an entire three months. This concentrated formulation is specially formulated with a blend of chelating agents to create one of the most stable algicides available. The unique long term performance is the result of being very resistant to chlorine and pool chemicals, UV from sunlight, elevated water temperatures and high pH levels common in concrete pools. The additional active ingredient stays in the water for longer especially in the most testing climatic conditions and in heated pools.

POOL DROPS Plus are effective over the widest possible pH range of 7.2 up to 7.9 and perform very well in conditions where other products fail, such as pools with alkaline surfaces such as concrete, pebblecrete and marblesheen. They work exceptionally well in all pools where a long term 'once a season' application is preferred. Being an all seasons algicide, they are also an excellent winteriser in the non-swimming months and used year round. In the summer months they excel as an effective chlorine saver as chlorine is not wasted on algae control.

Simply pour POOL DROPS Plus around the deep end of the swimming pool and mark the date of application on the panel provided on the brochure to keep track of the treatment period. Looking after your pool could not be more simple. They also work well in spas, water features and fountains (they can be added by capful) for a long term algae treatment. 

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