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Pool & Spa Chemicals

At Direct Pool Supplies we keep an extensive range of swimming pool and spa chemicals to keep your pool or spa looking great.

We have many chemicals listed. Simply scroll through.

* If you see DG (Dangerous Goods) next to the product a freight surcharge will be added to the order. The total freight will be shown after you add your postcode at checkout.

If you're looking for spa chemicals there is a quick link here to our speciality range of spa & hot tub chemicals.

Spa Poppits - The Healthy Alternative....  ---> HERE

To get the most enjoyment out of your pool, you need to look after it carefully. That's where the Zodiac Pool Chemicals complete pool care system comes in.

Take a look at the video below for some great info (including the bloopers!) & then scroll down for the range & purchasing...

Download the Zodiac pool chemical brochure here...


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Algaecides / Phosphate Removers

Spa Chemicals

Pool & Spa Poppits

Poppit Peroxsil / Sanosil Water Care System

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