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Years of research have resulted in the development of the PoolFresh system for safe, chlorine free treatment of swimming pool and spa water.

Silver and Copper are acknowledged as nature's own effective bactericide and Algaecides respectively, and when combined with the unique PoolFresh Plus the result is a level of protection in the water many thousands of times more effective then chlorine.  

The PoolFresh System is ideal for people who wish to swim in pure fresh chlorine free water.

The trace elements of silver and copper are introduced to the pool water by passing an extra low DC voltage (at less than 150 milliamps) across two unique die cast sacrificial electrodes made from a highly developed alloy of pure silver and copper. This minute current disperses ions of the natural trace elements into the pool water at an automatically controlled rate allowing a safe residual level of trace elements to be maintained at all times.

The electrode assembly, which encompasses the latest in epoxy resin encapsulated miniature electronic control circuitry, simply screws into a specially moulded PoolFresh housing which takes the place of a 90' elbow in the pool's plumbing system - installation could not be simpler!!
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