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ProLok Modular Solar Heating Kits

ProLok modular solar pool heating kits take 1/2 the time to install & can be performed by one person. Australian Made.

Pre-assembled modular components that quickly and securely lock together.

prolok solar heating system

How many kits do I need?

Pool diameter circular

Round Pool

Pool diameter x Pool diameter x 79%

Pool diameter oval

Oval Pool

Pool length x Pool width x 90%

pool diameter rectangle

Rectangle Pool

Pool length x Pool width

Step 1: Using the guide at right, calculate the approximate surface area or your pool.
Step 2: Determine the percentage of collector required taking into account the following:  * Available roof size  * Northern states minimum 60% to 100% +. * Southern states minimum 80% to 100% +. 
Step 3: Multiply your pool surface area by percentage of area required. Note: By installing additional collector up to 100% & more will improve your heating efficiency.

Calculation Example: Round Pool 7 Metres in Diameter 100% coverage required.

7 x 7 x 79% = 38.71 square metres x 100%... So a  40 sq mt Square kit approx. required...

You can either choose 10 x 4 sq mt kits OR 8 x 5 sq mt kits + 1 x plumbing kit. Depending on the length of roof you have available... 4 sq kits are 13m long & 5 sq mt kits are 17m long.

 Booster pumps & solar controller also available if required.
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