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Round Freshwater Above Ground pools

The following freshwater round above ground pools are available in 4' or 4'6" (1.2 or 1.37m) high walls, flat bottom

Bahama pools can be fitted semi or fully in ground as well.

FREE delivery to most areas. Delivery is to the nearest depot due to difficulty in unloading at a private residence. (couriers charge around $300.00 for this) You will be contacted by the courier when pick up is ready. Remote areas will have a freight surcharge. Contact us for details.

All the pools come with an installation DVD.

Coping is 7" (18cm). All Liners are 0.5mm H/D - Except South Seas - coping 1.5" (4cm) with a 0.36mm liner. Light blue liners supplied unless otherwise requested. (South Seas - light blue liner only)

  • The Bahama round range are all braceless flat bottom with a 4'6" (1.37m) wall heights.
  • The South Seas range has the thinner coping (4cm). Is braceless. This model is ideal for adding a deck surround. All models are flat bottom 4' deep (1.2m) Grey wall. All South Seas include the pump/filter (accessory pack) Grey walls/white posts & coping
  • Bahama Pools can be purchased with or without pumps & filters. (Accessory pack)
  • If you do purchase the accessory pack, you also have a choice on either a sand or cartridge filter.
  • Patterns on walls may vary to what's shown in the photo. Bahama are currently Beige & the South Seals have a grey wall/white posts.
  • Pool only purchases include a skimmer box & wall cut out.
  • Scroll down for all pool sizes... Accessory packs include the pump, choice of filter, choice of ladder (+ optional Wedding Cake Steps for the Bahama) and cleaning & test gear. You can only select the ladder, filter type, pool cleaner & light options if you purchase the accessory pack as these are heavily discounted. They are not included in a pool only purchase


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