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Saltmate prefered Online Dealer - Saltmate chlorinators are Australian made and have been very popular in this country for many years. We have all models available, including the standard (non self cleaning) & self cleaning models to suit most pool sizes. Prices below include delivery Australia wide and all models will come complete with box, cell & time clock fitted. Battery back up clocks are an option for areas with off peak power, as well as 12 volt pool light transformer models. 

The standard models are suitable for fibreglass pools. If your pool is concrete a self cleaning unit is recommended as the cells will build up with calcium deposits very quickly and regular cleaning would be required, reducing the life of the cell.

Towards the bottom of the page are power supplies (no cell). These are compatiable with many other brands of chlorinators including Clearwater & Poolrite. So you can keep your existing cell and use the Saltmate Power Supply to run it. If in doubt on which model suits your cell, please call so we can advise. 

Optional battery backup time clock available. Select if required...

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