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Regarding trade ins, we give a MIN $20.00 to a MAX $50.00 trade in on chlorinators (not the cell) that are in reasonable condition. Very old and rusted chlorinators will not be accepted as a trade. Plus we reserve the right to not trade in a chlorinator brand that we think is not viable for us to re-sell. After your purchase of a new chlorinator from our website, you need to send us your trade. We will then test & inspect it and credit your credit card with the trade in amount if applicable. If you didn't pay by credit card, we can also do a direct deposit or send you a cheque. You will need to organise to get your trade to us yourself. If we don't accept the chlorinator as a trade in we will dispose of it. If you want it back you will need to organise to get it picked back up and pay for the return freight.  Most people use Australia Post or if your place of work has access to a courier, this is a good way as well. You should box it up and send it to:

Direct Pool Supplies
2/28 Pendlebury Rd
Cardiff NSW 2285

Make sure you put in your name and address details and phone number as well.

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