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Scale Stop 5L



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Scale Stop is a synthetic water soluble polymer designed to limit the formation of calcium scale in swimming pools with a Quartzon, Pebblecrete, Marblesheen & Beadcrete interiors..

Active Constituent Acrylic Polymer Complex

1 x 5L bottle for a pool up to 50,000L or 2 x 5L bottles for pools 60,000-120,000L.

Should be used every 6 months.

Stop Cal is a specifically designed synthetic polymer that sleaves the molecular H2O particle in a "bubble" to prevent it being attacked by Carbon Gioxide. When calcium or magnesium is attacked by CO2, it begins to scale. Essentially it is changing from soluble calcium (calcium bicarbonate) to calcium scale (calcium carbonate). Cal Stop actually helps to prevent this change keeping Calcium & Magnesium soluble in swimming pools. Most scale eliminators are not as molecularly refined and have trouble performing for extended periods of time especially with evaporation & in heated water.

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