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Solar Pool Heating DIY Kits

How does a Solar System work?

A solar pool heating system is quite simple in it's operation. Water is pumped from the spa or swimming pool through a multi tube solar collector, which is generally mounted on your house roof and then back to the pool. As the water passes through the solar collector it is warmed by the sun.

Is the system automatic?

Due to greater efficiency of our solar collectors the system should be controlled to avoid overheating or cooling of your pool during bad weather. The controller will automatically turn the system on or off depending on the heat availability and you can preset a water temperature to suit your own requirements.
A standard and fully automatic digital system is available depending on your individual requirements and budget.


Does it work on cloudy days?

Yes, some energy is available even on cloudy days. The HYDROMATT solar absorber provides maximum surface area to catch and retain that energy.

Is my roof suitable?

The average mass per unit roof area is very low. Tile, metal, fibro, corrugated iron & most other roofing surfaces are suitable. Flat, northerly or westerly surface of a sloping roof is best.

How long will a solar system last?

Our Hydromatt collector is virtually immune to ultraviolet radiation and ozone, it is dimensionally stable over a wide temperature range and is highly resistant to pool chemicals or additives & expected to last on a roof for approximately 25-30 years.

What size solar kit do I need?

Round Pool

Pool diameter x Pool diameter x 79%

Oval Pool

Pool length x Pool width x 90%

Rectangle Pool

Pool length x Pool width

Step 1: Using the guide at right, calculate the approximate surface area or your pool.
Step 2: Determine the percentage of collector required taking into account the following:  * Available roof size  * Northern states minimum 60% to 100% +. * Southern states minimum 80% to 100% +.  * Coloured collector add 20%.
Step 3: Multiply your pool surface area by percentage of area required. Note: By installing additional collector up to 100% & more will improve your heating efficiency.

Calculation Example: Round Pool 7 Metres in Diameter 80% coverage required.

7 x 7 x 79% = 38.71 square metres x 80% = 30.96 Square kit
(You select the closest kit size form the listings below)


Colours available (Don't forget to add 20% extra if using any colour than black) 


Scroll down for our standard solar systems OR for for smaller pools our Solar In a Box DIY ReadySolar kits here OR for Solar Pool Heating Spare Parts here.

Pumps & solar controllers (if required) are available separately via this page.

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