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Solar Powered Pool Pumps

Run Your Pool Pump For FREE!

Solar Powered Pool Pumps can be installed in parallel with your existing 240 volt pump...

Your pool pump is generally the most costly household electrical appliance to run. Depending on the size of your pool, to run a standard 240 volt AC pump costs around $1000.00 in electricity per year & rising!

A solar powered pool pump removes your pool pumping costs completely from your household electricity bill. The DC pool pump and controller is added to your filtration system and a Solar Panel system to your roof so your pool pumping becomes a zero cost powered by the sun!

Brushless DC (Direct Current) motors are nearly twice as efficient as AC (Alternating Current) motors, which means that the job of filtering with DC power can be achieved with a much smaller motor. A brushless DC motor will also outlast its AC equivalent by 2 to 3 times!

During the summer swimming season, your pool requires more pumping, and naturally, with more hours of sunlight, your solar pool pump will put in the work needed to keep your pool sparkling. The system is so efficient that it will continue to run even on partially cloudy days.

The solar powered DC pump is installed alongside your current AC pump, so if you still need more pumping power, or need to run your pump at night, simply turn on the pump already installed on your pool for an extra boost.

After only a few years the entire system can be paid off through energy savings and after that it runs for free! Our DC pump has a life expectancy of over 10 years.

Solar powered pool pump with solar panels

1 x SSP500 Pool Pump & Controller. Each System contains the following components...

4 x 200w solar modules

1 x pump

1 x tin / tile roof mounting kit

20m x twin solar cable

1 x DC Isolator

Suitable for pools up to 70,000 litres.

The system is low voltage so it can be installed by any would be DIYer

Download the instruction manual

Solar pump installation

Cost for the complete system is $4390.00 + freight.
If you wanted to source your own solar panels, we can sell the pump & controller for $1595.00 + freight
Contact us for a freight quote to your area...

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