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Spa Electrics 12v WN LED Retro Colour Change Multi Plus light

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RetroFit for WN250 / WN850 - MULTI - 10 program Ceramic Light Engine (L.E.D) - includes Plugtop, excludes cable.

Replaces both the halogen & LED Niche/Flush mounted WN series lights.

Another option to replace your WN series light here... 

Download change over instructions here

The highest quality & brightest Australian made colour change LED light on the market.

Do you want your pool to stand out from the rest?Well you really need to consider one of these lights.

There are 9 different colour programs available for use with this multi colour light. Unlike other colour change LED lights on the market, this model includes white as one of the colours.

The colour programs are as follows:

  1. Multi colour - STAGE 1- (where the colours blend in a gradual transition from colour to colour)
  2. Multi colour - STAGE 2 - (where the colours change in a rapid succession)
  3. Blue.
  4. Magenta.
  5. Red.
  6. Lime.
  7. Green.
  8. Aqua.
  9. White.

To step between colours, simply turn your light off and on again within 2 seconds and your light will change to the next colour program.

These multi coloured lights operate off a special toroid 12 volt transformer only. For one light here or for two lights here. You can use your existing cable. Please note that these special transformers must be used with your new LED lights.


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