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Spa Electrics is a fully Australian owned and operated business and are a leading manufacturer of swimming pool and spa underwater lighting. Spa Electrics use only the highest quality materials and components available.

Scroll down this page for the flush mounted lights or the very popular Retro lights that be used to replace most brands of existing lights.

Single colour TRI (Selectable between Blue, White & Green) LED &

Convert your old halogen light to a new super bright LED & never change the globe again! 
Watch this video to see just how easy it is to replace your existing pool light...

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L.E.D. vs Halogen

The Ceramic Light Engine is the latest and most advanced technology in LED pool lighting. The Ceramic Light Engine itself is only slightly larger than a postage stamp with 39 LED clusters, totalling 234 LED's. These LED's are encased in ceramic allowing excellent heat dissipation and maximum light output. A heat sink has been added to the backplate to aid in cooling.

The light output for the Ceramic Light Engine can be compared to two standard surface mounted 100 watt halogen lights, giving a maximum light spread of up to 8-10m at 150-160 deg. With the use of this technology you can be confident or exceptional light output and 50,000 hours plus of burn time, which means you will never have to change a globe ever again.

The Spa Electrics Ceramic Light Engine has a patented driver card. This monitors the incoming voltage which enables it to operate on 12 volts. With this light only drawing 26 watts of power it's not only energy efficient but also cost effective with the ability to run 3 lights on one transformer.

The Ceramic Light Engine creates an ambience like no other light on the market. When turned on underwater it creates an opalescent glow for a "mood" effect, the spread of colour in the pool appears as if a coloured dye has been poured into the water.

Ceramic Light Engine's are available in Blue, Green or White, with the LED's themselves emitting the colour, not the lens. All lights come with a clear lens. Now also colour changing option.


Spa Electrics have been manufacturing 12v halogen underwater lights for over 30 years. The globes are produced to the highest quality standards to ensure a long burn life and powerful water penetration with a maximum light spread of up to 8m at 130-150deg. The average lamp life is around 1200 hours.

To maximize the lamp life of your halogen globe your light should be turned on regularly, lack of use can potentially damage the globe and shorten its life.

It is essential that you do not turn a halogen light on out of water. The globe burns white hot and you will cause damage to your light's seal and over a very short time cause the light to melt or deform, when this happens it enables water to enter the light cavity, destroying the light.

Only one halogen light can be used on a 100w transformer. Unlike the Ceramic Light Engine it is not the lamp which emits the colour it is actually the lens. So you will need to choose the lens colour that you would like your pool water colour to be.  
Important information here on pool light transformers.

Refer to Spa Electrics website for more information.

Australian made

Important notice:
For customers ordering lights for new pools and/or renovations.
Please allow enough time for your lights to arrive.
DO NOT leave it until the last minute as there maybe some
delays especially if you order unusual rim colours as these would need to be ordered in.

Any warranty registration & claims can be done here...


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