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Spa Equipment

We have a range of products for your spa or hot tub, including air blowers, electric heaters, remote controllers, air switches plus much more.

Manufacturers include, Davey, SpaQuip, Balboa, SpaNet.
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Click the link above for our range of Davey SpaPower controllers & associated equipment. Includes spa heaters, spa lighting & Pumps. These controllers (formally Spa Quip) replace the Ampac, Impulse & older touch pads etc...

Allergic to chlorine or bromine? For chlorine & bromine free ways to sanitize your spa, please click here.
For spa foam covers please click here
For spa accessories such as inflatable pillows, bars, scoops, waterproof playing cards etc... click here


Have you tried the Nature2 spa sticks. Click here for more info.


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Air Blowers

Ozone Generators

Spa Controllers, Heaters, Touchpads

Spa Filter Cartridges

Spa Jets

Spa Lights

Spa Pumps

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