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The poor hot tub filter is probably the most abused and unappreciated part of most spas. The little guy is being sucked through each and every second the hot tub is being run and he's asked to clean your water of algae, bacteria, hair, body oils, dead skin, bugs, dissolved solids, etc. - sounds downright disgusting, doesn't it ? It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it !

Being that the life of a filter is a tough one, it's best that you prepare your filter for its' daily combat by following a few simple maintenance rules.

  1. Make sure that the spa runs on low speed mode for at least three hours each day to ensure good water circulation and turnover of the spa water (even if no one is going to use the spa that day). This provides sufficient filtering time for most spas. Also make sure you add Spa Shock and Water Clarifier to the spa once per week, as this assists in proper filtering.
  2. Make sure that you get a new (yes, we mean NEW) filter if any of the following occur: the filter has been used more than 12 months; the filter is grey, brown or green; the filter looks beige or off-white, even after cleaning; the hot tub has been transferred to a new owner; the actual filter element (the paper-ish part) becomes flat and loses its fibrous sheen (this means the fibres have collapsed and can no longer filter effectively); the filter top or bottom has a crack or split; the actual element starts to unravel or come apart.
  3. Rinse the filter off with a high pressure garden hose once per week.
  4. Make sure you use "Scumballs" or "Scumbugs" in your spa, as these dramatically reduce the amount of oils that actually get into your filter. Remember to squeeze them out after each spa use and replace them when they deteriorate.
  5. Do not use any soap based cleaners on your spa or the filter (Windex, etc.). Do not use car wax on your spa.
  6. Make sure that the filter is seated properly in the filter compartment or skimmer. This ensures 100% filtration of the water passing through the filter.
  7. Make sure you maintain proper water chemistry at all times. Filters are good, but they're not miracle workers and cannot actually kill off algae or bacteria !
  8. Make sure that the filter is fully cleaned out every two months with a Filter Cleaner Solution. Also fully clean filter whenever draining and refilling your spa.
  9. It is a good idea to have two filters and use them on an alternating basis - switching them every other week. This way you can be cleaning one while you are using the other.
  10. Try to keep your family members and friends from going in the spa if they have any one of the following on their body (ask them to shower first): hair spray, mousse or styling gel; deodorant or anti-perspirant; sun tan lotion; excess sweat; skin creams of any sort ; excess soap in bathing suits.

Actually, it's best not to wear clothing at all in a hot tub spa because of the residual detergents and dyes sometimes present in clothing, even after a machine wash. These items can cloud spa water and clog filters. We do realize that there are social situations where people feel more comfortable in bathing suits ! Try to have your guests either rinse off their suits with a hose prior to going in your tub or have spare bathing suits on hand that you have washed thoroughly beforehand.

In conclusion, you do not want oils or soaps of any kind in your spa ! Remember, a hot tub is not a bath tub ! If guests have long hair, it is a good idea to keep a few baseball type caps around, so they can put their hair up, under the cap. This way you don't have to worry about hair spray or styling gels getting into your spa water.

Following these simple handy suggestions will greatly add to the clarity of your spa water, and keep your filter working for months and months !

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