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Tips & Info on Pools & Spas  

Heaps of valueable information here for the pool & spa owner.

What do I do when I first add water to my pool? 

Cloudy water & algae problems?

Why Choose a Saltwater Chlorinator?

Facts on Evaporation

Cartridge Filter Care

Pump care, maintenance & priming

Why is my pump buzzing & not running?

What does the capacitor do in my pump motor? 

Looking after your pool

Pool Chemical Glossary

How much does it cost to run my pool?

Why do globes in my underwater light only last a short time?

Should I use sand or Zelbrite in my filter?

Do ECO pumps really save money?

How to replace a pool pump

How much water does my pool hold?

Emptying a swimming pool

Why is my pool cleaner going slow or stopping?

Salt Chlorinator Troubleshooting tips

Does adding a pool blanket promote algae growth?

What is the best way to heat my pool?

How to Install an Above Ground Pool Liner

A guide to pool pipe sizing  

Water Testing Methods

Bonding & Earthing Info

Cartridge filter tips Here

Spa Care Here... 

How to maintain your spa

Spa/Hot Tub Filter Care

Looking After Your Spa Water

More Spa/Hot Tub Tips

Why is my Spa/Hot Tub Foaming

Chlorine / Bromine FREE spas

Hydrogen Peroxide Operating Instructions

Health Benefits of Saunas

Cartridge filter tips Here

Sheet #

SPASA Fact Sheets

1 Water Balance
2 Pool Safety
3 Solar Heating
4 Sanitising the Pool
5 Gas Pool Heating
6 Pool Blankets
7 Heat Pumps
8 Ozone
9 Ionisers
10 Spa Pool Maintenance
11 Salt Chlorinators
12 Saving Water
13 Algae
14 Swimming Pool Laws
15 Winterising Your Pool
16 Filtration
17 Automatic Chemical Dosing
18 Inflatable Swimming Pools

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