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Pool water testing

Ever wanted to do your water testing at home?
Well here at Direct Pool Supplies we now have this option for you!

Trying to understand pool test kit readings can be a thing of the past. Test your pool or spa online and have the pool or spa chemicals delivered to your door!.

Follow the instructions below to do an in home water test with our online solution program!
This water test is 100% free of charge. The only items you will need to buy is some AquaChek test strips!

These strips are the best as they test for the all important FREE chlorine plus you can also test for stabilizer levels.

Note:  Before testing your water, if you have any algae growth you should add 15 litres of liquid chlorine (we only sell this product out of our shop) OR you can replace this with our Pool Ezy Purifier (= 4 x 15L chlorine!), then add algaecide and starver (see below for more details) before proceeding. This applies for average pools from 40,000 litres - 80,000 litres. You should run your pump 24/7 until water clears and clean filter daily. Completely brush your pool. Then proceed to the next steps....

Step one
You will need to have some test strips at home to use this test. If you do not already have these test strips.
Click here to purchase some and they will be sent directly to your house within 2-4 business days.

Step Two
You will now need to run down to your pool with a cup or glass & fill it with your pool water so the test
will be done correctly.

Once you have returned to your computer follow the steps 1 by 1 so you get an accurate pool test.

When you are ready to proceed with the test, allow the stick to dry for 15 seconds.
Once you have waited 15 seconds match your stick up to the screen or on your bottle then follow the instructions below!

Check Colours Here

pH Levels
<------------LOW------------> <-----------OK------------->        HIGH
ppm FREE CHLORINE ( Applies to Pool & Spa users. )
<----------LOW-----------><---POOL OK---><---SPA OK--->      HIGH
ppm STABILIZER ( Cyanuric Acid ) LEVELS
         LOW      <---------------OK--------------><----------HIGH--------->
Now that you have matched up your colours with our colour chart you can now begin to read the information below to see what you will need or not need.

Lets start with your pH Levels

If your pH levels were within the 6.2 / 6.8 section this means that your pH level is very low.
You will need to add some pH UP product to balance your water back to normal levels.
Click here to view our pH Up chemical product.

If your pH levels are in the 7.2 / 7.8 section, This means your current pH levels are perfect which means you do not have to add any pH chemicals to clear your water!

If your pH levels are in the high zone ( 8.4 ) You will need to reduce this immediately with pH Down.
This product will rapidly reduce your pH levels.
If you don't do this as soon as can, your high pH levels can cause eye irritation and will also make your pool very cloudy.
Click here to view our pH Down chemical product.

Now lets do the ppm Free Chlorine Levels!

Your chlorine levels are most important, especially the free chlorine. This is the active chlorine that kills bacteria and algae and keeps your pool clear and clean.

Your Free Chlorine levels should sit always between 1 & 2.5/3.
If your level was between 0 & 0.5 this means your pool is low on chlorine levels.

If you -
1.) Manual treatment.
If you manually add liquid or granular chlorine into your pool you will need to add one of 2 of these items into your pool to restore your chlorine levels back to normal.

If your pool is green, you will need to add 15 Litres of liquid chlorine to your pool and then you will then need to add starver to remove phosphates (this is what the algae feed off - remove phosphates & you won't get algae growth)) from your pool & then add algaecide to remove algae from your pool which will then restore your pool back to normal.

If you would like to purchase Starver, Click here.
If you would like to purchase Algaecide, Click here.

If you wish to purchase some granular chlorine,
Please click here for 2kg, 4kg or 10kg Chlorine 

If you would like to buy some liquid chlorine and you are in the local Newcastle area only,
You may purchase this from our shop front at:
Unit 2/28 Pendlebury Road
Cardiff NSW 2285

Unfortunately we cannot send Liquid chlorine as it is a dangerous chemical.
If you are out of the Newcastle area you may need to buy this from your local pool shop.

2.) Saltwater chlorination system.
If you have a Saltwater chlorination system on your pool and your chlorine levels are low.
You will need to make sure your chlorinator is working correctly.
You should also add 15 litres of liquid chlorine to your pool.

If you find that your cell is faulty click on the following page link and then choose your brand of chlorinator for the replacement cell prices. Cell brands Click Here

Now lets do the ppm Total Alkalinity!

If your Total Alkalinity level was between 0 & 40 your TA level is quite low.
To fix this problem you will need to use a product called Alkalinity Up which will then rapidly make your TA levels rise.

If you would like to purchase Total Alkalinity Up (Buffer)  Click here for 2kg, 4kg or 10kg.

Total Alkalinity levels is commonly known for decreasing in pools.
It is a common chemical you would need to use to keep your TA levels up in the 80 / 120 area to prevent your pool from going cloudy.

If your TA level was in the high area ( Which is quite uncommon ) you will need to reduce this as soon as possible as it could take an effect on your pH and Free Chlorine levels which will then make your pool mucky and cloudy and could created algae in your pool.

To fix this problem, You will need to stop adding TA up in your pool as you may be over filling your pool with this product OR if you have a sand filter you could backwash your pool and re test your pool water within 3-4 days to see if your TA levels have decreased.

Last but not least, Here is the last of the information, ppm Stabilizer

Stabilizer in a pool acts like UV protector on our skin to stop us from getting sunburnt.
What this product does is puts a sun block on your pool water to stop the sun from decreasing the levels of chlorine in your pool

As you now know, decreasing Chlorine can have a big affect on algae growth which can make your pool green and can have a bad effect on your eyes which they will then sting and we don't want that do we!

If your stabilizer level was around the 0 / 30-50 this means your stabilizer level is quite low which means your pool chlorine could be decreasing as we speak!
To prevent this from happening, you will need to add either one of 2 products to your pool.
  • Stabilized chlorine ( Which is a mixture of granular chlorine & stabilizer )
  • Sun block ( Stabilizer on its own with no chlorine )

You can purchase either one of these to increase your stabilizer levels as well as chlorine levels or you can just purchase Sun Block which will increase the ppm Stabilizer level on its own.

Click here if you wish to purchase Stabilized Chlorine in a mixed pack of either
2kg, 4kg or 10kg

If you wish to purchase Stabilizer on its own, Click here to do so.

If your stabilizer level is in between 100 - 300 you have more then enough chemical to stop the sun from decreasing your chlorine levels in your pool.
Very Important that you do not add anymore stabilizer until your levels are reduced to normal levels.

Here at Direct Pool Supplies, we hope this information has helped you to get your swimming pool back in order and sparkling crystal clear.

We usually recommend testing your pool water every week in summer. You can use this online test to do it whenever you please since this is a free of charge pool water test!

We hope to see you again sometime.
Thanks for testing your water at Direct Pool Supplies.

If you wish to request anymore information, You can do so by email

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