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Watermaid chlorinator cells are the best!

Platinum coating is used on reverse polarity cells (self cleaning cells). They have the advantage that less frequent cell cleaning is required. They have the disadvantage that the continuously reversing polarity of the terminals undermines and detaches the platinum coating. These cells have a life of about two to three years.

Watermaid do not produce cells of this kind. ALL Watermaid units have self cleaning features however the power is cut to the Anode in the reverse cycle. The reversing is done between the sensing tang and the cathode (the titanium electrode). The cathode and sensing tang is not affected by reversing the polarity, only the anode that has the platinum coating is damaged. (If done this way).

No other manufacturer self cleans in this way and no other manufacturer can, because Watermaid have a Patent Pending on it.

All other manufacturers use TWO Anodes in self cleaning units (platinum coated electrodes which are also very expensive to buy). Reversing the current to these two anodes, damages the electrodes and shortens cell life. The manufacturers of these anodes even state that they have about 2000-3000 reversal limit before they are dead. (That usually equates to about 2-3 years). Self cleaning cells are very expensive to replace.

Watermaid cells are continuously rated at 30 amps when the current density is 500 amps per square metre of terminal. This is the platinum coating manufacturer's recommendation. Some manufacturers use current densities as high as 1200 amps per square metre. These cells don't have a very long life. 

There are three main grades of platinum coating available in Australia. 

The premium quality and more expensive coating provides a cell life of about 5 - 10 years. Watermaid cells have a life of about 5 - 10 years. The lower quality and less expensive platinum coating provides a life of about 3 years.   Some manufacturers  get only two or three years life out of their cells.

Watermaid only uses premium quality platinum in its cells.  We don’t use a lower grade platinum coating.



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