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Why is my pump buzzing & not running?

Firstly when a motor buzzes, do not let it go for too long. You should turn it straight off as you can burn out the electric motor. It turns itself off because the overload device in the motor has heated up and it trips out. Not good for a motor.

Does the motor sound noisy when it does run?

If so you could have a tight bearing. Take a look under the motor for corrosion as the shaft seal maybe leaking causing water to enter the motor and resulting in a seized bearing. Or you could also have debris binding the impellor. This is often caused by debris going through a hole in the pump basket, so check and clean out both the skimmer & pump baskets. You can check if the motor is free to turn by inserting a screwdriver through the rear end on the electric motor. There is a slot in the end of the shaft for this purpose. You should be able to rotate the shaft freely. If the shaft feels tight to turn, either bearings or debris will be the problem. Debris can be removed by dismantling the pump body and cover from the impellor (diffuser) and inspecting.

If the shaft is free to turn the motor capacitor is most likely the reason for motor buzzing. The capacitor does get weak over time. Make sure the power is turned off and the plug removed from the power point. The capacitor is located under a large cover on the motor or sometimes inside the terminal box depending on the brand of motor. There could be 2 or 3 wires going to the capacitor. You should mark these wires before disconnecting them. The capacitor is measured in microfarads (uF). The common value could be 20uF of 30uF or similar. You can get your capacitor tested and/or replaced at most electric motor rewind shops or more experienced pool shops.

If all the above has been discounted, the electric motor could be "short circuited". Again this can be tested at the rewind shop or leading pool shops.

If the pump is old and is corroded you should seriously think about a replacement as safety can become an issue as well.

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